Engineering is the seed of project data. As the project grows more stakeholders add value to that data until operations manage and maintain the physical asset. All the while capital projects continue to streamline production all the way to decommissioning. Proven performance ranging from billion dollar mega-projects to residential projects, Plant Life VR™ scales to match your needs.

Engineering & Construction Services

  • Milestone Model Reviews

  • Virtual site visits for clients and other stakeholders

  • Construction work package visualizations

  • Constructability reviews

  • Construction sequences with 4D animations

  • Virtual positioning system, real-time pathfinding for egress and access

  • Daily job planning

  • Datahub instant access to relevant document data

  • Real-time visualisations in context of data

  • HAZOP studies

Maintenance & Operations Services

  • Guided maintenance applications

  • Guided operation training

  • Datahub instant access to relevant document data

  • Maintenance schedules and alerts

  • Virtual positioning system, real-time pathfinding for egress and access

  • Maintenance planning

  • Asset life cycle status

  • Sync with supply chain

  • Safety information and alerts

  • Daily job planning

HSSE Services

  • Custom scenarios

  • Asymmentrical instructor training

  • Randomized success criteria

  • Virtually experience negative outcomes

  • Acoustic simulations

  • Virtual positioning system, real-time pathfinding for safety routes and escape scenarios

Our Working Process

  1. Free consultation & planning

    • Contact us! Explain your needs and we will discuss solutions to make a plan forward.

  2. Data transfer & Integration

    • Data transfer for 3D model clean up and data quality audits.

    • Explore potential for integration into live document control systems, tag registers and other company systems.

  3. QA & Testing

    • You can be part of the design process. Progress builds are sent to receive feedback at defined milestones.

  4. Handover

    • Once everything is complete, you’ll receive a stand-alone application that you may copy and install as many times you like.

Experience difference

Plant Life VR™ is developed by Travis Fincaryk, who has nearly 15 years of experience in structural design and engineering systems for the Mining, Oil & Gas and other industries. He’s also been a part of the gaming industry since 2012 releasing apps for mobile devices.

Extra services

  • Flexible 3D model conversions

  • Unlimited point cloud renderer

  • Document & datahub configuration and access

  • Data consistency audits

  • Standard Operating Procedures for managing change in the asset life cycle

  • Local or online multiplayer

  • Asymmetrical support with other devices (PCs, tablets and phones)

  • VR and AR hardware procurement

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