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Introducing Plant Life VR™

Engineering is the seed of project data. As the project grows more stakeholders add value to that data until operations manage and maintain the physical asset. All the while capital projects continue to streamline production all the way to decommissioning.

Integrate your data

Proven performance ranging from billion dollar mega-projects to residential projects. Plant Life VR™ scales to match your needs (and budget).

Unite your data

We can audit your data, find any gaps and automate solutions to get it lean for a digital twin. Then suggest standard operating procedures for managing change in the future.

Manage the physical life cycle from your digital twin

Combining data from engineering, material control, supply chain, construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance. Then explore your assets in virtual reality.

Virtual site visits

Visit your site without the cost of travel. Or see it before construction to check designs.

Immersive Virtual Training 

Learn by doing, develop training programs for safety or operating your plant.

HAZOP Studies

Use virtual reality to familiarize yourself with the environment and identify potential risks in a safe environment.

Made for you

Software designed for you and your assets. Each deployment of Plant Life VR™ is stand-alone and unique for a projects needs.

Range of applications

Rich and detailed applications for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift or simple experiences for Google Daydream and Oculus Go.

VR and AR Enthusiasts

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